Favourite Friday: The Southwest Blanket

by Carissa Tham November 13, 2015

Every November, as the days get shorter, darker and colder, some of our favourite things are: sipping on endless pots of piping hot tea, chunky sweaters and layers, layers, layers. And what better way to end these chilly days than burying yourself under a beautiful, high quality blanket? This week, we at Benefair have chosen Sackcloth & Ashes’ Southwest blanket as our Favourite Friday product.

We love the Southwest blanket because of its versatility and durability. Made of 100% acrylic fibers and built to last the tough outdoors, the Southwest blanket is an oversized, multi-purpose blanket that is both durable and aesthetically appealing. It is perfect for both outdoor activities and home decor. For indoor uses, the Southwest blanket can be used as a rug or as a throw. It is also great for camping or as a beach blanket. For the more adventurous, the Southwest blanket can be also used as wall tapestry. The ideas are endless!

The Southwest blanket also makes a brilliant gift as for every blanket purchased through Benefair, a fleece blanket is also donated to YESS, a local non-profit organization offering youth services for youth at risk. A gift that gifts others in return? Count us in!

Do you have a favourite Sackcloth & Ashes product? Let us know all about it!




Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham


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