Issue of the Week: Child Abandonment

by Carissa Tham November 17, 2015

At Benefair, we work to support a wide range of social causes through the social missions of our partner brands, and also through our own social mission of giving university students the opportunity to create their own social movements—we will do this by providing them with grants and scholarships. Generally speaking, we seek to spread love in the world. This week, we are raising awareness on the issue of child abandonment in hopes that more love and light will be shed on this pressing issue.

There are many social and cultural causes of child abandonment, including poverty, mental illness and teenage pregnancy, where pregnant teenagers face overwhelming problems due to social and psychological distress. Child abandonment is also considered a serious crime in most jurisdictions due to the inherent harm the child will experience during and after abandonment, and also because of welfare concerns after abandonment. The babies and children abandoned often face imminent death as they are unable to survive on their own without proper care, food and shelter.

There are several ways to combat the problem of child abandonment. Currently, baby hatches are a great way to mitigate the problem, however it does not solve the root causes of the problem.  A baby hatch is a place where parents can leave the baby anonymously in a safe place where it will be received and cared for. These baby hatches can often be found in hospitals, social centres and churches.

In order to tackle the root causes of child abandonment, there is a pressing need for education, family planning, government support, and post-natal services and support for motherhood and parenthood.

This week, we’re introducing the brand Hopestitch, where $1 from every purchase is donated to Baby Box, a facility in South Korea where babies born into dangerous or unstable situations can be safely abandoned and cared for. Your purchase will provide Baby Box with the resources to actively prevent the death of babies who are abandoned.

Stay tuned to our blog for the story behind Hopestitch on Thursday!




Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham


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