by Julia Rudolf November 19, 2015


At Benefair, we carry products from all over the world. This week, we want to take you half way around the globe to South Korea, as we share more about this week’s brand of the week.

HopeStitch was founded in 2015 by Bui Kim in Incheon, South Korea. Each piece of HopeStitch jewelry is unique, and the designs are hand stitched by Bui using French embroidery techniques.

HopeStitch donates $1 of every purchase to Baby Box, a facility in South Korea where babies born into dangerous or unstable situations can be safely abandoned and cared for. Bui was inspired to create a social enterprise that would help support the most vulnerable in our society, so she decided to donate proceeds to BabyBox to help provide them with the resources needed to actively prevent the death of babies who are abandoned. BabyBox was created by Reverend Jong-Rak Lee, a pastor in South Korea, who wanted to help save the lives of babies abandoned by their parents. Official reports say that about 600 babies, particularly those that are disabled or whose often single mothers are unable to care for them, are abandoned in the streets of Soeul every year, so Rev. Lee built a box in the wall of his home where parents could safely abandon unwanted babies. He then takes them into his home and, together with his staff, cares for the children. This was originally a temporary solution to keep abandoned babies alive but there aren’t enough government resources and social programs committed to helping with this issue. Until such time that more is committed to saving the lives of unwanted babies, BabyBox continues to be a safe alternative to abandoning a baby on the street.

The wonderful individuals at BabyBox are a great example of how a little love can change a life. 

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Julia Rudolf
Julia Rudolf


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