Favourite Friday: Daisy Earrings by Hopestitch

by Carissa Tham November 20, 2015


There goes another week! As we inch closer and closer to Christmas, we invite everyone to think about the word gratefulness. While it is often hard to be fully aware of what we have, especially in situations that seem to be constantly working against our favour, we believe that all it takes is a little positive light. All we need is that tiny little crack in the concrete for the light to shine through. Once the light gets through to us, it opens us up to a world of positive difference. Life often works in ways we do not fully understand. Life works in cycles. And as with everything: this too, shall pass.

The notion of gratefulness sums up the past week at Benefair perfectly. We have so much to be thankful for, like the beautiful and generous hearts of our friends, family and customers, the wonderful people who came to support us on our inaugural Launch Party X Popup Shop on Saturday (which made it such a huge success), the opportunity we got for sharing Benefair with the Ualberta and Edmonton community through ANPCC’s (Alberta Not-For-Profit Conference Club) Not-For-Profit Symposium and EO’s (Entrepreneurship Organization) Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards.

According to usual Benefair fashion, earlier this week, we shared about the social issue of child abandonment and the story behind our Brand of the Week, Hopestitch, where where we donate $1 from every purchase to Baby Box, a facility in South Korea where babies born into dangerous or unstable situations can be safely abandoned and cared for. Baby Box embodies the word gratefulness so wholeheartedly, and reminds us that life itself is something we should all be grateful for.

This brings us to shine the spotlight on our Favourite Friday product, the Daisy Earrings by Hopestitch. Each piece of jewelry by Hopestitch is hand-stitched with love. The Daisy Earrings are dainty, elegant and so very versatile. We love dressing these earrings up with a cute sweater dress, leggings and a pair of block-heeled booties for that effortlessly polished look. These earrings come in two classic colours, white and navy, and it’s almost hard to choose a favourite!

What’s your favourite Hopestitch product? Share it with us!




Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham


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