by Carissa Tham December 10, 2015 started with a New York hotel room key.

The Giving Keys began when its founder, actress and singer/songwriter Caitlin Crosby started wearing a New York hotel key as a necklace and came up with the idea to engrave old, used keys with inspirational words. Caitlin saw keys as a larger symbol. She saw that humans are like keys - unique, flawed, scarred and sometimes discarded by others. She saw the potential in these keys - to have their purpose renewed over and over again.

At this point, The Giving Keys was only an idea. However, it all came together for Caitlin after she met Rob and Cera, a couple who were sitting under an umbrella holding a sign that read Ugly, Broke & Hungry, invited them to dinner, and serendipitously discovered that Cera made jewelry. This was when the three of them became business partners. The Giving Keys was born the next day.

The Giving Keys was started with a collective passion to help those affected by homelessness. Today, The Giving Keys has become a “Pay It Forward” jewelry business, where they engrave inspiring words on used keys. Once someone wears the key, they must give it away at some point to a person they feel needs the message on the key. The Giving Keys hires employees who are trying to transition out of homelessness, and empowers them with the skills, support and resources to give themselves and their family a better life.

We love The Giving Keys for many reasons - the social business is love personified. The people in the business are in it to spread strength, faith, hope, love and so much more. We love the cyclical “Pay It Forward” nature of The Giving Keys as we believe positive energy is boundless and should be spread to as many people as possible.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our Favourite Friday product from The Giving Keys!





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Photo courtesy of The Giving Keys.

Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham


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