by Carissa Tham March 11, 2016

It’s that time of the week when we share about our favourite product from our new collection. This time, we’re shining a light on the delicate Droplet Bracelet from 31 Bits, our Brand of the Week. We love the Droplet Bracelet for its minimalism, and its versatilityit can take you from work to a great night out. It even comes with a matching Droplet Necklace!

At Benefair, we’re all about investing in products that not only look good, but also help give back to the community.  Earlier, we launched our new collection from 31 Bits, and you heard about their amazing business model that provides the artisans in Uganda with holistic health, finance, and business education so that they can run their own businesses producing jewelry.

What’s more, every piece of jewelry from 31 Bits is made from 100% recycled paper! It’s amazing what 31 Bits’ artisans can create with just recycled paper. Just from looking at 31 Bits’ jewelry, you wouldn’t have a clue that the beads are made entirely of recycled paper.

The Droplet Bracelet will be a great addition to any outfit - pair it with anything from a white blouse, jeans and cute booties to your favourite little black dress and high heeled pumps. You can also layer it with the chunky Brooklyn Nights bracelet, also from 31 Bits. The possibilities are endless!

Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham


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