by Carissa Tham June 30, 2016

Thoughtfully and Artfully Designed.

Lovingly and Uniquely Crafted with Age-Old Artistic Methods.

As a curator of socially conscious goods from all over the world, whenever we seek out new brands, we pay equal attention to craftsmanship and quality of the products, as well as the meaningful stories beyond the brands and products.

When we first came across Rose & Fitzgerald, we were first smitten with their beautifully designed and the expert craftsmanship behind their goods. As we learnt more about their brand, we were simply blown away by their brand story and the role they play in making the world a better place.

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Courtney Rose and Laren Fitzgerald, (even their last names sound like poetry together!) Rose & Fitzgerald is a design-and-craft studio based in Kampala, Uganda. They create thoughtfully and artfully designed pieces and work with master craftsmen in Uganda to make beautiful homeware and jewelry pieces.  

But their story doesn’t stop there. Their story isn’t just another designed-in-the-USA-but-made-around-the-world story. Here’s what makes them really unique as designers and business owners: they lived in Uganda for three years, “seeking out beauty and talent in a part of the world brimming with intrigue, untapped potential, hidden treasures, age-old artistic methods, and natural, raw materials that reflect the beauty of the wild, delightfully-chaotic landscape in which [they] lived.”

Giving Back

Rose & Fitzgerald contributes to the community in ways that extend beyond fair-trade and using local, natural materials. Although that makes up one of the core aspects of their brand, they also invest in small businesses and reduce poverty in their skilled artisans’ communities by providing them with direct employment.

Rose & Fitzgerald invests in small Ugandan businesses by “providing them access to foreign markets, providing business support and production assistance, as well as investing in new machinery.”  These investments ultimately allow their artisans to “gain exposure to other high-end markets and reach the quality standard required to compete in the international marketplace.”

Rose & Fitzgerald also employs local artisans by working “closely with the artisans to preserve, but more importantly, enhance artistic traditions with a modern aesthetic, while using local, sustainable materials.” Rose & Fitzgerald’s customer base provides these talented hand-craftsmen with a constant demand for their beautiful handmade goods, which helps reduce poverty in these communities and improves their livelihoods by providing them with “marketable and economically beneficial outlets for their skills.”

Click here to step into Rose & Fitzgerald’s beautifully designed and handcrafted world of artisanal products.


Note: Photos in courtesy of Rose & Fitzgerald

Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham


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