Benefair Model

The Benefair brand consists of three arms: commerce, philanthropy and community. We always have the three arms of our brand in mind in everything we do, and the three arms often work simultaneously to help us achieve our mission.  


The commerce arm of the Benefair brand provides us with the financial resources to achieve our  mission to inspire and empower our generation to be active in their communities and do good through their everyday actions. The commerce arm of the Benefair brand consists of our e-commerce activities, popup stores and other events like workshops and concerts held through partnerships with other brands, companies, communities and individuals that uphold the Benefair mission and values. 

Our Partner Brands

Benefair partners with a carefully curated collection of socially conscious brands that are handpicked by our team.  The products that we sell from our partner brands adhere to Benefair’s Social Responsibility Standards, giving customers the full confidence that their purchases of Benefair products support the causes they value. We review each company we partner with carefully to ensure that social impact is their priority. All our partner brands meet our Social Responsibility Standards which consist of three streams of social responsibility as outlined below:

Environmentally Friendly

Products that reduce, minimize, or eliminate the harm they cause the environment and ecosystems.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Fair Trade

Suppliers that are part of the fair trade social movement and hold themselves to a higher social and environmental standard. They advocate and actively support fair working and trading conditions, and work to encourage sustainability.

Charitable component:  

A portion of every sale made by the company is contributed towards a social cause of their choice.                                                                                                                                                                                                    



The name Benefair is made up of two components - “bene” which means good, and “fair” which means a gathering of particular goods. Our name serves as a constant reminder of our major brand value, philanthropy. All of Benefair’s commercial and community efforts, we seek to increase the well-being of humankind and to contribute to one social cause or more.

As outlined above, all our partner brands adhere to Benefair’s Social Responsibility Standards. Each partner brand has a different social cause behind their products, and give back to the community in different ways. Some of the social causes that our partner brands support include women’s empowerment, alleviating homelessness, poverty, global hunger and more. To find out more about the social causes behind our partner brands, how our partner brands and Benefair gives back to the community, click here!


For the community arm of the Benefair brand, we are focused on encouraging social responsibility in our generation of young people, and inspiring and empowering our generation to do good in their everyday lives.

In all our commercial and philanthropic efforts, we work to inspire and empower our generation to be active in their community and do good through their everyday actions. At Benefair, we believe that doing good is an entire lifestyle. We want to encourage our generation to view life through a different lens, to be aware of social issues that people face globally, and to turn this awareness into conscious efforts through their everyday lives. We want to share how easy it is to make a difference in the world, by starting with simple purchasing decisions.